From day one, our company was export-oriented. This probably happened because grandfather John Fidas, despite the hardship as a migrant in the New World, became nevertheless a cosmopolitan, who visualised opening up to the countries with a tradition of fashion in everyday life.

The successors, starting from France -Dimitris Fidas and Maria Fida recruited the French designer, who specialised in shoecraft in the University- then carrying on to Germany -with Salamander since 1972- Britain, Russia, Cyprus -in 2010, there were already eight outlets in the Island- and to various exhibitions -Germany, United Kingdom, Russia, USA, Las Vegas, Chicago- and then selling to Norstrom, to Larry’s shoes and Marshall Fields. After that, the company became more introvert, because all production was being sold in Greece, so there was no capacity for exports.





After construction of the new factory was completed, in 2010, the opening to foreign markets has started off in a more dynamic way, aiming to establishing outlets in Germany that would allow demonstrating fashion and the innovative quality of the Greek production. People would wear shoes reflecting the Greek culture centred on elegance as well as on the benefits for health of walking comfortably.